Certified, the night studies programmers lay as still as they could. With their hands flat on the damp soil, bodies a faint outline along the edge of the drill site, they prepared for the ninth day computed tomography earth scan. At the night studies they assumed they were now activists. She was still clutching an instruction leaflet that read:
“image wisely programme – sign on in advance to an adventure that will leave none of the terms we normally use as they were”.

Under the dusk light the recently rigged up solar panels shimmered against the device mirrors. Some of them were soldering connections over the soil with their portable irons, connecting the scanners across the earth’s surface to the super computer user.

In the reflection of her screen, she could see across the crowd a tangle of wires trailing out to fault lines, and as they draped these wires over their bodies in preparation, a long high pitched drone started to sound – as if a balloon was letting out air. In the distance, the dogs started barking a scene of wilding activities, they had learned about the possibility of this during training.

The devices had begun. Infecting the entire structure as a whole. An electric field desiring a field born of charged yearnings.
Cell death.