The Underground Division

The Underground Division is a collective research project on techniques, technologies and infrastructures of subsurface rendering and their imaginations/fantasies/promises. It is dug by Helen Pritchard, Jara Rocha, Femke Snelting with the help of many other others. As a follow-up on Possible Bodies' research on co-constitution of so-called bodies and 3D paradigms, the-body-of-the-earth is now attended as the framework for a study on similar sensibilities but different spacetimes. Which are the presences, latencies, absences and potentials that need to be accounted for, in relation to that deep and thick complexity? The Underground Division bugs contemporary regimes of volumetrics that are applied to extractivist, computationalist and geologic damages. The research will eventually culminate in the Trans*Feminist Rendering Program, a hands-on situation for device making, tool problematizing and "holing in gaug".

Rock Repo

With this ongoing collection of computational ROCKS, The Underground Division gets closer to the unstable stories of particular ROCKS as told through scientific, poetic, public and technological discourse.

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The Extended Trans*Feminist
Rendering Program

Rendering imaginations of the (under)grounds and of the earth. Investigating contemporary scanning practices for tectonic and cosmic imaging (such as magnetic resonance, Ultra Sound, and Computer Tomography) together with fiction writers, earth techno-scientists and trans*feminist device problematizers.

T*RP prospectus